B-hyve Pro Technician (BHP101)
B-hyve Pro
B-hyve Pro Technician (BHP101)
From this course you will learn details on using the B-hyve Pro App. Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded a certificate and Hydro-Rain will send you an email link to a selection of gear (hoodie, mugs, t-shirt, hat) -...
B-hyve Pro Smart Watering Specialist (BHP201)
B-hyve Pro
B-hyve Pro Smart Watering Specialist (BHP201)
Learn about smart watering and what separates a truly smart controller from a remotely managed controller
B-hyve Pro Smart Watering Expert (BHP301)
B-hyve Pro
B-hyve Pro Smart Watering Expert (BHP301)
Learn about the variables used in the B-hyve Pro algorithm and how they affect water scheduling. Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded a certificate and Hydro-Rain will send you an email link to a selection of gear...
Blu-Lock (BL1)
Push Fittings
Blu-Lock (BL1)
Ready to learn the basics of Blu-lock?
Contractor Advantage (CA-101)
Contractor Rewards
Contractor Advantage (CA-101)
The Contractor Advantage program is designed for top landscaping and irrigation professionals. As a participating contractor, you’ll receive training, resources, and special benefits to help you grow your business.
Premier Level Contractor (CA-201)
Contractor Rewards
Premier Level Contractor (CA-201)
Premier Level Contractors are the best in the business. They know the industry, treat their customers right, and save time and money with Hydro-Rain's Built for Speed products. As a Premier Level Contractor, you'll receive 5 points—instead of...
HRC 400 Controller Technician (HRC400-101)
Sprinkler Controllers
HRC 400 Controller Technician (HRC400-101)
This course teaches Landscape Sprinkler Technicians all about the HRC 400 Wi-fi Smart controller by Hydro-Rain. From unboxing to programming at the face plate or via the B-hyve Pro™ Application this course is taught to you by a Hydro-Rain...
HRC 990 Specialist (HRC990-201)
Sprinkler Controllers
HRC 990 Specialist (HRC990-201)
Setting a new standard in battery operated controllers, the HRC 990 is the answer to those difficult situations when installing burial wire is not possible or desired. HRC 990 is tough enough for installation in a below ground, valve box...
Commercial Spray Body Technician (HRS200)
Spray Heads and Nozzles
Commercial Spray Body Technician (HRS200)
Completely redesigned for 2020 the Hydro-Rain 200 series spray heads are the new standard. Designed in Utah, the Hydro-Rain HRS 200 series spray head delivers consistent performance, season after season, in commercial and residential...
HRX 075 Technician (HRX075-001)
HRX 075 Technician (HRX075-001)
Take a minute to relax and learn more about the HRX 075 rotor. This course provides general knowledge and you will not be tested on it (yet).

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